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more than 30 years of experience

The most recommended Accounting System by accountants

The easiest way for your clients to automate their accounting and you simplify your work as an Accountant.

P4 Books Point of sales

Take control of your sales

100% system in the cloud

No downloads, access from any device

Real time data

All your business data in real time.

Free online support

A world of possibilities for your business

  • Generate your invoices in seconds
  • Use your tablet or computer as a point of sale
  • Track your sales from anywhere
  • Connect your cash register, printer and barcode reader
  • Cash billing and credit

The new way to enhance your work

The features your clients need, made by Accountants like you

Automated accounting

Create accounting entries in seconds and streamline each process associated with your accounting.

One-click accounting adjustments

Organize your accounting information and make all the accounting entries you need.

Smart reports

View accounting reports updated in real time from anywhere.

Electronic billing

Send out PDF invoice to your clients via email for faster collection's

Chart of accounts under GAAP

Customize accounting accounts and create all your reports as established in GAAP.

Real time data

Fast , friendly accounting, with point of sale and mobile sales included.

Comply with 100% with the IRS when billing with P4 Books

P4 Books is proud of our software and the technology used to build it.


No hidden costs

P4 Books has a simple pricing structure, so you'll always know what your cost will be.

Fast and safe

At P4 Books we take security seriously to ensure your store/warehouses run smoothly.

Modern app for tablets and mobiles

P4 Books has a field sales application for tablets and mobile phones. Let your sales force work with ease.


P4 Books has everything you need to run your business.

P4 Software offers a complete solution. By linking P4 Books with P4 Warehouse, you will get a complete system ready to use.

Frequent questions

What is P4 Books?

P4 Books is a cloud-based accounting solution that allows businesses to manage their sales, purchasing, inventory, point of sale and mobile sales efficiently and effectively. The solution offers a wide range of functionalities and benefits, including management of the entire inventory process, information updated in real time, access from anywhere, with security and privacy.

What types of companies can use P4 Books?

P4 Books can be used by companies of all sizes and sectors. The solution is suitable for companies that need to manage their processes from start to finish.

What are the main features of P4 Books?

Key features of P4 Books include:

  • Management of the entire accounting process.
  • Information updated in real time.
  • Access from anywhere.
  • Security and privacy.
What are the benefits of using P4 Books?

P4 Books can help businesses reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and improve profitability. Some of the specific benefits of the solution include:

  • Reduction of inventory costs.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Improved efficiency.
How much does P4 Books cost?

The price of P4 Books depends on the number of users. 

Do I have access to support from P4 Books Contador?

The support it offers P4 Books Counter It is free and unlimited, you can consult through the system chat, either in the main panel or by entering each of your clients' accounts. Also, you can write to us by email [email protected]

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