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Billing and Accounting in the cloud. eletronic bills

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Accountant: Cloud solutions to simplify your accounting processes. Tools designed in P4 Software to enhance your organization

Automate your accounting, costs, billing, budgets, financial statements and much more. Improve the profitability of your organization with financial tools from P4 Software – Cloud Solutions. With P4 Books, SMEs can automate the electronic invoice collection process in a comfortable, agile and simple way. DGI electronic invoice Panama

Accounting and billing

Your Accounting and Electronic Billing in one place!

Learn about all the functions designed to simplify your accounting processes and issue your electronic invoices in seconds.

Cloud Accounting System

P4 Books, the only Accounting System with electronic invoicing that integrates the entire accounting and administrative cycle with its own accounting system. Warehouse Control (WMS). Achieving a linear systematization of your logistics operations.

P4 Books is great for accounting courses

Save time and peace of mind

Streamline your accounting processes

  • Create your electronic invoices in record time
  • Stay up to date with the sales tax.
  • Get free help from billing experts
  • Invoice unlimitedly and in the cloud
  • Generate your accounting reports with just one click
  • Easily organize your income and expenses
  • Control the entry and exit of stock in real time
  • Automate each of your accounting processes

Apps available on a single platform

Mobile App

Give your salespeople the tool they need to increase sales.

Point of sale

Instant electronic invoice (end user or by name)


Connect other applications to your P4 Software cloud account.

Web UI

Use it from any device with internet.


Mobile Interface

Mobility and connectivity are two very important aspects to take into account when managing your company. And, for this, our mobile interface of the Accounting System will fit you like a glove.

Quote anywhere

Sales management

Process management

Email Quotes

Available Inventory

P4 Books Accounting version for Panama, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic

Discover the power of Smart Accounting with P4 Books. Our platform provides you with all the necessary tools to efficiently manage your accounting and electronic invoicing tasks. Whether you want to deliver organized information to your accountant or handle the entire process within P4 Books, our easy-to-use and up-to-date solution fits your needs. Designed for micro, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as entrepreneurs and independent professionals, P4 Books allows you to easily, efficiently and accurately manage the billing, administration and accounting of your business. Choose P4 Books and harness the power of Smart Accounting to grow your business!

  • Easily manage your income, expenses and inventory
  • Reconcile your banks and keep your accounts clear
  • Create your tax and withholding report easily
  • Create your electronic invoices in seconds
  • Notify your clients of invoices that are due
Who can use P4 Books?

P4 Books is designed for micro, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as entrepreneurs and independent professionals, including accountants looking for the best system to manage their clients' accounting. With P4 Books, you can easily, efficiently and accurately handle the billing, administration and accounting of your business. Whether you prefer to deliver organized information to your accountant or manage the entire process within P4 Books, our platform offers an easy-to-use, organized and up-to-date solution.

Is my information safe with P4 Books?

Yes. The information you record will always be secure with P4 Software and will only be visible to you and authorized users. Your information is stored on servers provided by Oracle and Microsoft Azure, the best platforms worldwide, which also make automatic backup copies of your data. This platform is used by companies like Dropbox, Twitter, NASA, Ferrari and many more. Your information is in good hands, so you can focus on growing your business while P4 Software protects your data.

P4 Books ERP in the cloud

Experience Freedom. When we say that P4 Books is in the cloud, it means that it works seamlessly over the Internet. Forget about installations, servers, updates and backups; everything is safely stored and protected by P4 Books.





Know what differentiates us from the rest

We do not sell modules

By purchasing your P4B license you get access to all the functions of the system.

You have no limits

With P4B you have no limits in transactions or billing

Added values

There are no tricks, no fixed advertising, you pay what you receive without generating extras.

Complete control

With P4B manage your business and your information, you have access and download your data backup.


Ready to grow?

Revolutionizing Business Management: Unlocking the Power of P4 Books Cloud ERP

In a world where efficiency and agility are paramount to business success, P4 Books Cloud ERP emerges as a revolutionary solution. This platform not only promises to transform the way businesses manage their daily operations, but also offers a robust framework for sustained growth through the integration of cloud technology. In this article, we will explore how P4 Books Cloud ERP is making a notable difference in the field of business management and what makes it stand out from the rest of the solutions on the market.

P4 Books Cloud ERP: An Overview

Before delving into the specifics, it is crucial to understand what P4 Books Cloud ERP is and how it is positioned within the ecosystem of planned enterprise resources. This cloud solution is designed to offer complete business management capabilities ranging from accounting and finance to human resources management and logistics. Its adaptability and scalability make it an ideal option for companies of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations.

The Technology Behind P4 Books Cloud ERP

The P4 Books Cloud ERP architecture is based on the latest cloud technology, enabling real-time data integration and synchronization across various business functions. This section will break down the key technological components that make this synchronization possible and how they benefit businesses in their daily operations.

Implementation and Customization of P4 Books Cloud ERP

One of the greatest strengths of P4 Books Cloud ERP is its flexibility in implementation. Users can customize the platform to fit the specific needs of their companies, which is especially crucial for industries that require specialized solutions. We will explore specific use cases where P4 Books Cloud ERP has been successfully adapted and the resulting benefits.

Integration with Other Platforms and Services

P4 Books Cloud ERP's ability to integrate with other platforms is a crucial factor for many companies that already have systems in place but are looking to improve their efficiency through cloud technology. This section will discuss how P4 Books Cloud ERP facilitates integration with other tools and systems, expanding their capabilities and improving data connectivity.

Security and Reliability in P4 Books Cloud ERP

Data security is a primary concern for any business today. P4 Books Cloud ERP not only meets the most rigorous security standards, but also provides multiple layers of data protection. Here, we will detail the security measures implemented by P4 Books Cloud ERP and how they ensure the integrity and confidentiality of business data.

Cost-Efficiency of the Cloud ERP Solution

Adopting P4 Books Cloud ERP can result in significant cost savings compared to traditional ERP solutions. We'll look at how P4 Books Cloud ERP's cost structure aligns with the long-term benefits, including lower maintenance costs, reduced need for hardware, and the economical scalability it offers.

Customer Experiences with P4 Books Cloud ERP

To provide a more human and direct perspective, we will share testimonials and case studies from real customers who have implemented P4 Books Cloud ERP in their operations. These stories not only add an element of credibility but also illustrate the practical impacts of the solution in various business environments.

The Future of P4 Books Cloud ERP

Looking ahead, it is evident that P4 Books Cloud ERP will continue to evolve. In this section, we will explore possible development directions for the platform and how these innovations could continue to transform the business management landscape.


Automate your Operation

Electronic billing

We achieve connection with the tax authorities and automate electronic billing.

Connections with ecommerce

Do you sell online and want to automate your control? With P4B you can achieve it.

Any System 

We have a primary API integration method, so we can connect any system that handles API.

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